How To Use Keywords On A Website

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SEO Keywords Suggestion Tool

A keyword, in the context of search engine optimization, is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page. Keywords form part of a Web page’s metadata and help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search query.Search Sign

Techopedia Explains Keyword

According to Techopedia, the role of keywords was once very central to the function of search engines. Search engines could crawl sites and, if the keywords were accurate, serve those sites up as search results. However, people began abusing the keyword metadata in an attempt to show up higher in searches, and even to rank in completely unrelated searches. For this reason, the importance of keywords in search engine optimization has been greatly reduced. Keywords are arguably still an important factor, but they are not the only factor in SEO.SEO Image

The Best Keyword Tool Available to You

For the rest of this article I would like to simplify how we discuss the rest of what and how we search for keywords for a website or any online article in which we need keywords for SEO optimizations. One of the tools that I know for keyword research is a tool called JAAXY. JAAXY can be used free for the first 30 searches. After that free trial then you can sign up for an account which will cost you $19.00 per month. The other option is the Enterprise Account which costs $ 49.00 per month.Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Image


How to Find Keywords that Will Work Best on a Website

Gathering Keywords for any project you’re working on does not Does not have to be difficult. Too many folks end up doing their keyword research completely the wrong way simply because they have been given the wrong information throughout the years. When building a website, it is very critical to the success of your website in the eyes of the major search engines success to understand how to find keywords a website, but this all starts with understanding how to research keywords.

In a little while from now, you are going to really enjoy how to do Keyword Research.

I am going to take you on the step by step on how to use the best Keyword Research Tool (JAAXY) in the Market today. When doing keyword research for your website, there are Three Main Things that we have to watch for. Kyle, one of the owners of this tool call it: The 3 Main Pillars of Effective Keyword ResearchJaaxy Image

1st Pillar : Under 300 QSR

(1) LOW COMPETITION. This is what we have to look out for first when we do keyword research. When a keyword has too many other sites competing for it, it does not make any sense to even use it. don’t even consider it. If too many sites compete for the same keyword then your chances of being ranked for that keyword decreases dramatically. If you do not get rankings in the search engines, you will not get any traffic.

So, no rankings = No point!

When we try to find out how much competition a certain keyword has, we have to look for a specific metric call QSR. QSR stands for Quote Search Results. There is no other keyword research tool out there that offers this feature. The only one that has it is JAAXY. Yes, it is the best tool I use for my keyword research.

QSR shows us exactly the numbers of competing pages in Google that competes with you on a certain keyword. That is your REAL competition. I like to keep a QSR of under 300. The closer my QSR is to ZERO the better I like it.Currency on Laptop Image

2nd Pillar: Over 50 Searches Per Month

(2) HOW MANY SEARCHES DOES IT GET A MONTH? I do not go for the “knockout” keywords most of the time. I would rather go for the keywords that there is not a lot of competition for. Why the low competition keywords you might ask? With the low competition keywords, I have a much much better chance of being ranked # 1 for them than to be ranked at all for a keyword that hundreds if not thousands of sited are competing for. Imagine if you start to rank # 1 on 10 to 50 or even a 100 of those low volume keywords. Those low volume keyword traffic will start to add up when you start ranking them. It is better to go after the sure thing. If a search term gets 50 searches a month, go for it!Dollar Sign Image

3rd Pillar: Must Make Sense to Human Beings!

(3) Must make SENSE: How strange is it to try to make sense of your content when you end up using keywords that does not fit in with what you are trying to convey to your audience. Take a look at the title of this article for instance. The title makes sense and my target keyword fits naturally in my title. All of your keywords should do the same for all your articles.Take a look at the example below

How to use Keywords vs. How use Keywords

It would be a lot easier for me to use the first keyword than to try to fit the second one into any article. The second one simply will not work due to the fact that it does not work. So if I feel like I am forcing awkward content to target a keyword, I simply will not use it.


Welcome to Jaaxy Overview | Keyword Search Video



You Ready to Try for Yourself?

 Search for Keywords

Now it is your turn! Take a topic or theme from your website and plug it into the search tool below. Follow through my THREE search principles and you will be very successful going forward. I can assure you of that.


If you have any questions about keyword research or how to find quality keywords to use on your website, just ask or leave me a question in the comment section below or click on this link to connect to the main JAAXY site for more information. I will be more than happy to help you out. Also visit us on our FACEBOOK PAGEJaaxy Sign Up Button Linked to

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  1. Hi Pelesio, I use Jaaxy the last months and I can confirm that it is a great tool. Before Jaaxy, I was using Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword. It was not bad but with Jaaxy I can find more keywords in less time.

    Time is money in business and the same applies when you run your own website.

    Also, you gave a nice description of how to it. With this strategy, I have been ranked many times on the first page of Google.

    Nice article!

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