How to Build a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds

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Learn How To Build A WordPress Website

A lot of people can be discouraged just by the idea of building a website by itself, let alone the very idea of doing this in less than one one minute. To some, this would be laughable, however on this quick step by step video tutorial, we are going to show you that this is not a hoax. We will show you how we did it. Together, we will walk you through the short video training so that you see that you can do it too.

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WordPress. Why People Choose it?

Back when the internet online business was still in it’s infancy, people who chose to work this new field were faced with the challenges of a very highly technical field. About 15 to 20 years ago, web designers pretty much needed to be programmers. Not only that you have to be so highly skilled but then the tools you needed in those days were so much more expensive than we have today. Back then, the software were so expensive and the same were for the computers themselves.WordPress Logo

Then along came WordPress

What is WordPress?

According to WP101, WordPress is a web publishing software you can use to create your own website or blog. Since it was released in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms in the world. Today it powers more than 70 million websites!

WP101 also say that it’s also a highly flexible content management system (CMS) that enables you to build and manage your own full-featured website using just your web browser. Best of all, it’s completely FREE.


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Why A WordPress Website?

In the early days of the internet, in order to be able to be able to use WordPress, you had to be able to know how to work with HTML. HTML is a programming language that utilizes tags to format text, page layouts, images and so forth. Your web browser then reads this HTML code, interpreting those tags to render and display the content of a particular page.

Now, let us fast-forward to 2017. You can do all the things that we talked about above without having to learn programming by just installing the WordPress software script in about 5 minutes and you’ll use a simple, web-based editor to create web pages without having to learn HTML. And, because it’s built on industry-standard PHP and MySQL, WordPress can run on just about any modern web server.

Even though WordPress is the best platform out there, it can still be a little tricky to install that even the more experienced online webmasters have a difficult time installing it. The good news is……WordPress Picture


WordPress Express is Here!


These days, you do not have to know or learn how to all the technical know-hows that was required in the past in order to be able to build your website. Back in 2010 the folks at Wealthy Affiliate created a website builder and released it through Wealthy Affiliate called WordPress Express. Many people in the industry have vowed that it is the best and most efficient website builder in the market today. With WordPress Express, people are able to build a website in less than one minute. It minimizes your concerns about technical stuffs like…

  • Setting up databases
  • Worrying about DNS or Domain Registrars
  • HTML or PHP
  • Learning how to Photoshop
  • Buying expensive programs to buy
  • FTP’ing filesLaptop and Paper Money

Are you worried whether this building a website in 30 seconds is true or a farce?

Well we have the proof right here and we are going to show you how we did it in less than 30 seconds in this video. We want to show you that you can also do this yourself. Simply click on the video below and it will walk you through the easy process of installing a WordPress website. Just click and watch and you will see!

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You can also get a Niche Website set up here for free in a few minutes.

In a few minutes, we can set you up with a free website on a theme of you like within a Niche of your choice. There are many different themes you can choose from and you can promote any Niche you want to promote.

After you install a new website, you will be having access to a very large community of people who are willing to help you with your new site and your training.


To sign up for this opportunity is a two-step process:


(1) Create your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account (FREE)
(2) Build your WordPress Website


I also have an invitation for you.

I would also like to invite you to to come back when your website is up and running. Post your website URL within the comments section below so we can help generate free traffic for you. We can also give you some advice if you need any. I would also ask that you share my page with anyone you know that would also want s WordPress website.

If I was not clear enough with any of my instructions in this post, I will be glad to clear them up. Just post your concerns and questions below.

Pelesio Kama.


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