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Starting a successful online business is at the core a 4 step process. Nothing more complex than this and this is exactly what you are going to be learning at Wealthy Affiliate.

Broken, down, the process looks like this:

Step 1: Choose an Interest

Step 2: Build Your Website

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines

Step 4: Earn money from your traffic


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Step 1: Choose an Interest

When choosing an Interest or a Niche you should pick something that is of a lot of interest to you. You should be choosing something that is ideally an interest, a passion, a hobby, a problem, a need or a want. Almost anything you can think of is a niche and that is why we are going to get you to choose a niche based on things that you are passionate about. You can earn money online from absolutely every single niche because there are billions of people out there searching every day.Young Lady Pointing To Her Laptop


Step 2: Build Your Website

At Wealthy Affiliate, they provide new members with a free starter kit in which you are provided with the chance to build and store two free websites. Building a website today is so much easier than it used to be 10 to 15 years ago. The training at WA walks you through, step by step on how to build your first two free website using SiteRubix and store them free of charge. If and when you decide that the program at Wealthy Affiliate is the right one for you, you can decide if you want to upgrade to their Premium membership. With a Premium membership you have a lot more access to the more advanced features of the program.Online Income SignStep 3: Get rankings in search engines

Getting your website ranked with the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Firefox and so forth is very critical to the success of any website out there on the internet. If your site is not ranked higher up with the major search engines then your website will not generate the required traffic that an online business needs to succeed. Again, this is a big part of the training that WA offers it’s members whether you are a free starter member of a premium member. For this part of the training, WA not only trains you on how to find and use Keywords that will direct traffic to your website but they also supply you with keyword lists and keyword tool that you can use free of charge. For those who want to use a more advanced keyword tool, WA offers the best keyword tool there is in the market which is owned by WA call Jaaxy for a fee. Jaaxy can be a bit pricey for some people but if you follow the training and learn how to use the free keyword tool properly, they can be more than good enough for your keywords needs.


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Step 4: Earn money from your traffic

Before you can earn money from your website and Niche, your website have to draw the necessary traffic that it needs in order to be successful. A website without traffic is like a gas station being built out in the middle of nowhere without any highways or roads leading to it. The people that need their service will not know that it exists nor they will be able to get to it. It is the same way with how to generate traffic to your website or online business. You have to know how to attract your customers and provide the ways for them to get to your business and offer them the best incentives to buy from you.


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The Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform is Second to None.

At Wealthy Affiliate, they provide all the tools and training necessary for you to complete all these steps shown above in order to achieve the ultimate goal- To MAKE MONEY from your Niche. Shown on the membership grid are the components of the WA training platform starting from the beginning after you sign up for a Free Starter Membership. At the Free Starter Membership, you have access to the most advanced website builder in the industry. You also have the access to a community of over 900,000 Wealthy Affiliate members who are helping each other to succeed.


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